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Hello there all you naughty little v-citizen's and v-residents. I am Angel and my handsome accomplice is Daryeyl. We are a fun loving couple that love to have very naughty adventures full of fun, excitement, beautiful women, and many different kinds of role play and fetishes. We reside in the beautiful Smokey mountains of North Carolina. We enjoy going out for adventures and being sexually playful in public places. I hope you enjoy our videos and pictures.


From time to time Daryeyl and I may take our time playing to an extreme level and I will play the helpless woman that is being held captive and is made to perform sexual acts on her captor. Now please keep in mind that we are only role playing. We have a kind of twisted lust for the rather macabre sense of everything in life at times. So please don't be concerned if one of our videos looks and sounds legit. I am not a victim but a willing participant who enjoys and is turned on by everything you see in our pics/videos. And on that note: We hope you thoroughly enjoy our sexual exploits as much as we do

Daryeyl's Angel

Daryeyl's Angel

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